steve jobs

steve jobs liked my songs

It was the summer of 2010 and Apple had a huge PR disaster on their hands: “Antenna-gate”. People were complaining that when they held the phone a certain way, signal strength was hugely diminished. Apple announced that they were going to hold a press conference to address this issue (their first ever “defensive” press conference). …


anderson cooper likes my songs

After my song about looking for a roommate went viral, I was invited on to Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show. He asked me to write a song about him. I wrote a song about his “Eye Cleavage”. He liked it.


the founder of TED likes my songs

Richard Saul Wurman founded the TED conference in 1984. He’s an incredibly warm, intense and complicated man. At TEDMED 2010, I was commissioned to compose a birthday song in his honor. The song was played, along with a corresponding video, on the last day of the conference. Richard cried. It was really beautiful.